PD-00 – Player Development Coaching Programme (6 to 16 yrs)

Player  Development Coaching Programme

This full programme consists of a series of 4 workshops which outlines a player development programme for the local sports club. It covers the progression of the player from 6 to 16 years.

Presently the first workshop is available to purchase by sports club and it is aimed at all sports clubs but the information contained especially applies to Gaelic Games and other field sports.

The programme is aimed at how to develop the player from the younger juvenile to the oldest adult player in the club in terms of all-round development – skill, physical literacy and athleticism.

The programme is purchased by clubs and is purchased on a workshop by workshop basis. Access to  the coach is for a minimum of one month and can be extended free of charge by request.

To view the content of any workshop, click on the workshop name  when they become available.

Go to PD-01 to see the details of Workshop 1 …Click here..

Workshop 1 is now available.


Workshop Fees

A club buying the course for

A minimum of 1 to 5 coaches will cost €50 per coach

6 to 10 coaches will cost 45 each

11 to 15 coaches will  cost €40 each

16 to 20 coaches will cost €35 each

21 to 25 coaches will cost €30 each

26 to 30 coaches will cost  €25 each

30 + coaches will cost €22.50 each

This gives coaches free access 24/7 to all the lectures in the workshop for one month

First workshop is “Understanding Player Development”. It is available from Friday .Jan 1st 2021.

How to Purchase the Workshop


An individual coach can click on the purchase button at the end of each module and pay via PayPal,


Clubs send in cheque with list of names of the coaches and their email addresses. The list must be verified by the club secretary or club development officer.

Cheques are made payable to JK Fitness

All details from 087 11627522

Mailing Address:

JK Fitness

35, Belmont Lawn


Co. Dublin.



Pay and Enrol

Fee for PD-00 – Player Development Coaching Programme (6 to 16 yrs): $