PD-01 – Player Development


This workshop is devoted to demonstrating to club coaches the concept of having a player development programme in their own local club.

The specific aim of the workshop is to present a general overview of what a club player development programme should entail. All the following workshops will then look at the theory, the exercises, the drills and the activities that support the overall programme.

Duration of the Workshop

The workshop contains 6 different video lectures and in total lasts almost 3.5 hours. It is excellent value to any club and its coaches.

Content of the Workshop

The workshop consists of 6 topics

  • Topic 1 – Understanding Player Development

This lectures covers the whole concept of the club having a fully-rounded player development programme in place from the time the young player joins until they retire. The objective is to ensure that the physical literacy and athletic development progresses in unison with the sport skill of the player.

Duration: 27 minutes

  • Topic 2 – Skill Development of the Player

This lecture examines how the players/athletes learn and develop sport skills and the importance of the various other types of skill that the players need on their pathway to adult playing status in the club.

The three section of skill development are seen as ball skills, positional skills and team skills.

Duration: 58 minutes

  • Topic 3 – Physical Literacy Development of the Player

Physical literacy should be the primary aim of the coaches working with juvenile players in the local club. This lecture examines and studies physical literacy development by the players from their early years up  until 12 years of age.

The basis of physical literacy is seen as fundamental motor skills, functional skills and common sport skills.

Duration: 34 minutes

  • Topic 4 – Athletic Development of the Player

Athleticism makes players even more skilful and effective on the field of play and this lectures studies the importance of and components of the athletic development of the player extending into the teeange years.

The basis of athleticism is seen as coordination, leg strength and speed and agility development.

Duration: 47 minutes

  • Topic 5 – Management of the Player Development Programme

This final lecture present the major concepts the coaches in the club need to consider in developing a comprehensive player development programme in the club to ensure that all players are as skilful as possible when they reach the older teenage and adult stages iof their development.


  • Topic 6 – Additional Reading Materials

This topic presents the interested  clb coach with extra reading material relating to the various subject matters covered during this workshop

Articles: 12 Articles

General Information

This workshop is availble for purchase by clubs only.

To purchase one has to contact admin@premiersportscollege.com and make payment arrangement.

The club supplies all the names and email addresses of the coaches and each coach is contacted with a specific username and password.

Cost of the Workshop

€50   clubs with up to 6 coaches to register

€100 clubs with 7 to 15 coaches

€150 clubs with 16 to 30 coaches

€200 clubs with 31 to 50 coaches

€250 clubs with more than 50 coaches.

Pay and Enrol

Fee for PD-01 – Player Development: $
Or Pay for full course
Fee for PD-00 – Club Player Development Coaching Programme: $