PD-02 – The Windows of Opportunity in Player Development

Available Nov 15th 2018.

Course Overview

This workshop inspects and invesitages Balyi and Hamilton’s player Development Pathway and examines the importance of the Windows of Opportunity for Rapid Development in the five main components of fitness that the player experiences between the ages of 6 years to 16 years.

In all the lectures we have planety of execise demonstrations to help with coaching the young players of each age-group or at each stage of their development.

Course Content

Topic 1 – The Stages and Time Frames of Player Development

This topic exaamines the original LTPD pathway which has been accpeted by Governments and Sports Federations worldwide. In this topic we discuss and examine the 6 major stages in player development in the local club.

Topic 2 – The Juvenile Stage of Player Development

This topic examines the training content of this first 3 stages of player development which occur in the juvenile stage of the player’s progression in the local club. Special emphasis is placed on the plysical literacy exercises and activities that need to be coached as the basis of the sport skill development of the young player including locomotion, manipulation, balance, coordination and activities and exercises to support the skill skill development of the young player.

Topic 3 – The Teenage Stage of Player Development

This topic studies the training content of the teenage stage of player development with special emphasis on the coordination, speed, agaility, leg strength, strength, stamina, balance, locomotion and maniuplation development that need to be progressed in the two stages of development during the teenage yearsto ensure the best possible development of his or her sport skills.

Topic 4 – The Adult Stage of Player Development

This topic takes a very brief look at the physical fitness requirement of the training porgramme of adult team players.

Topic 5 – Understanding the Windows of Opportunity

This brief topic examines the concept and importance of the windows of opportunity that present themselves to the player as he or she progresses from 6 to 16 years of age in the local club.

Topic 6 – The Five Major Windows of Opportunity

This topic looks closely at the five major windows of opportuntiy for developing skill, speed, flexibility, strength and stamina in the development of the player through the various age-groups in the local club. It demonstartes some exercises and activities that can be used in the coaching programme as the various windows open for the player.

Topic 7 – Additional Reading Material

This topic contains extra reading material for coaches who may be interested in examining the concept of the stages in player development and in the windows of opportunity that exists for the players during those stages.

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