TM01 – Team Management

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Course Summary

From the early days of use of the military the concept of the team manager was born and he or she is now seen as the pre-ordained and appointed leader of the sports team.

Managerial success is primarily built upon the accomplishments of the team. As a result successful managers are, in a manner of speaking, carried by the team who are motivated, know what is expected of them, have access to appropriate resources and technologies, and are well trained and well-prepared for competition

The role of any manager goes way beyond the job of management – it involves leading, planning, organising, motivating and directing the total team effort. Every manager will have core management responsibilities that reach beyond the team and the actual members and these may be foremost on his or her list of what must be delivered. However there are also more basic coaching and team managing tasks that are completed on a daily or weekly basis.

This course sets out to discover the general overview of the importance and duties of the team manager in sport.

Course Topics

Topic 1 – Introduction to the course

This topic introduces the course and outlines the aims and objectives of the course.

Topic 2 – Overview of Team Management

This topic presents recent research on leadership in sport.  Trait, behavioural and interactional models of leadership will be examined and applied to sports management.  The need for improved training and support services for team managers is highlighted and a composite view of an effective manager in sport is proposed.

Topic 3 – History of Management

Initially military leadership was how management became popular. Then some historians traced the development of management back to Sumerian traders and to the builders of the pyramids of ancient Egypt. the first notion of management in sports was in the early parts of the 20th century.

Topic 4 – Definition of Management

This topics examines the diverse definitions of management in general. In general there experts agree that there are five overall functions in management in all its forms and these are: planning, organising, leading, coordinating and controlling. As Will Carling the former English Rugby captain said: “Success in management and success in sport are derived from the same basic principles as apply to business”.

Topic 5 – Important Issue for the Team Manager

This topic examines some important issues with which the team manager must deal. Mainly 3 key items are discussed. Initially there is a direct link between the behaviours of the manager and how a team performs on the field; being a ex-player does not prepare a person to be a manager; and finally the team manager must earn the respect of the players to become a good manager.

Topic 6 – The Role of the Team Manager

Defining the role of a manager is difficult as it changes not only from sport to sport but from circumstance to circumstance. The team manager must fulfil many different roles to be effective. This topic explains the importance of a good backroom team to assist the manager. However a good team manager needs have a basic strategy which is seen as the team’s long-term plan of action to meet its aims and objectives.

Topic 7 – Guidelines for Self-Management

The team manager must have good self management skills in order to be an effective team manager of both the backroom staff and all the players on the team squad. This topic discusses this issue and provides the manager with ways of developing self -management skills so as to help him or her become a better manager of others.

Course Videos

This course has 13 workshop videos in which management experts from the world of sport, the military and business outlines their knowledge and expertise to assist the course participants to learn as much as possible from the course content.


The assessment is optional and uses a Multiple Choice Questionnaire as the assessment tool.

All the questions on the MCQ are based on the written topic lecture notes.

Course Duration

The course contains the equivalent of 12 hours of course lectures and almost 1 hour of video workshop footage.

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