TM02 – Management and Leadership

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Course Summary

This module or course is the first of 3 modules devoted to the important aspect of team management that is called leadership. All sports teams needs the manager to be a good leader but also there ahs to be good leaders among the players as well. These are the players who step up to the mark when things become critical on the field during games.

Good leaders are made, not born. If a person has the desire and willpower, he or she can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience (Jago, 1982). This guide or suggestion should help a willing and progressive team manager through the journey.

To inspire the staff and players into higher levels of teamwork, there are certain things the team manager must be, know, and, do. These qualities do not often come to everyone naturally, but are acquired through continual work, study and effort. Good leaders are continually working and studying to improve their leadership skills; they are NOT resting on their past laurels.

This course examines what managers can do to become more effective at leading their team.

Course Topics

1. Introduction to the Module

This module introduces the subject matter of the module and outlines its the aims and objectives

2. Leadership in Sport

This topic examines the interpersonal dynamics at play between the players and the fitness coach, assistants or selectors which are complex (Bloom, Schinke, & Salmela, 1998; Martens, 1990) and this complexity is also likely to extend to player and manager relations.

3. Function of Leadership

This topic examines the function of Leadership in sport which is to lead the direction of the players available to the team. The manager who successfully marshals his players to achieve particular ends is a leader.

4. Elements of Leadership

This topics presents us with the formal and informal types of leadership as well as looking at four important elements to make leadership effective in a sporting context: The manager – the leader, The team – the players, the followers, Communication and the situation.

5. Research on Leadership

The topic presents the research that was the early recognition of the importance of leadership and the assumption that leadership is rooted in the characteristics that certain individuals possess. This developed into the recognition of what is termed “the Theory of Trait Leadership”

6. Leadership Theories

Bass (1990) suggested that of all the leadership theories 3 were more important than the others. This topic presents an overall look at the development of Leadership Theories.

7. Trait Theory of leadership

This topic defines the Trait Theory of Leadership and examines its advantages and limitations an as well as seeing how appropriate it is to sports team management.

8. Great Event/Great Man Theory of Leadership

This topic defines the both the Great Event and Great Man Theory of Leadership and examines their advantages and limitations an as well as seeing how appropriate it is to sports team management.

9. Process Theory of Leadership

This topic defines the Process of Traansformational Theory of Leadership and examines its advantages and limitations an as well as seeing how appropriate it is to sports team management.

10. Module Conclusion

Course Videos

This course has 14 workshop videos in which leadership and management experts from the world of sport, the military and business outlines their knowledge and expertise to assist the course participants to learn as much as possible from the course content.


The assessment is optional and uses a Multiple Choice Questionnaire as the assessment tool.

All the questions on the MCQ are based on the written topic lecture notes.

Course Duration

The course contains the equivalent of 17 hours of course lectures and almost 1 hour of video workshop footage.

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