TM03 – Qualities of the Manager

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Course Summary

This module or course presents and examines the qualities that makes a person not just an manager but a great manager and a great leader of a sports team.

Leadership is a process by which the team manager influences the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviours of the backroom staff and the players. Leaders set a direction for the team; they help them see what lies ahead; they help them to visualize what they might achieve; they encourage them and inspire them. Without leadership a team quickly degenerates into argument and conflict, because all those involved in the team will see things in different ways and lean toward different solutions.

Leadership is the ability to get the players to do and achieve something significant that they might not otherwise have done. It’s having the ability to energise the players as a team and to work towards a goal.

This course presents the steps to understanding and developing good management and leadership qualities.

Course Topics

Topic 1 – Introduction to the Module

This topic introduces the module/course and outlines the aims and objectives of the course

Topic 2 – Effective Leadership

Leadership is a combination of three dynamic factors: the team, the sport, and the competition. More than one member of the team will perform leadership functions. However the overall leadership is invested in the team manager as the appointed manager of the sports team. This topic examines the importance of being an effective leader.

Topic 3 – Elements of Management

In tis topic we examine the three key elements in his or her role as a team manager according to Hellriegal and Slocum (2010):

  • Authority: the right to make decisions.
  • Responsibility: assignment for achieving a goal.
  • Accountability: acceptance of success or failure.

Topic 4 – The Meaning of Leadership

This topic discusses the meaning of leadership and how it applies in sports team management. In general managers try to motivate their “players” to reach their full potential.  When everyone on the team understands the direction and strategy the manager or coach has developed, then success is much easier to obtain. This must be seen as the reason a person seeks to be a manager.

Topic 5 – Sugarman’s Qualities of Leadership

We know from experience that great leaders and great managers come in many forms. Leadership is a trait or characteristic that exhibits itself in two ways in the team set-up. It is needed in the team manager and also needed in some players when the team is performing in a game situation. This topic examines the qualities suggested by Sugarman (1999).

Topic 6 – General Qualities of Leadership

From the performance and playing perspective a club needs to have a good person with leadership qualities as the manager of the adult team. With this objective this topic continues to examine some of the characteristics one might assume that team manager might have in order to prepare and lead teams to performance.

Topic 7 – Assuming Leadership

If a team manager wants to become the team leader he cannot really assume the role of leader. Leadership needs to be earned by whoever wants to lead. This topic discusses how the manager needs to work hard to impress the players and gain their respect. Only then can they be seen to be leaders.

Topic 8 – Leadership in Coaching

There are many definitions of leadership used in sport however the underlining emphasis is that leadership is an influencing process. The best way for the manager to become a great leader is through his or her coaching role with the team. This topic discusses this aspect of being a team manager.

Course Videos

This course has 7 workshop videos in which leadership experts from the world of sport and business outlines their knowledge and expertise to assist the course participants to learn as much as possible from the course content.

Course Duration

The course contains the equivalent of 12 hours of course lectures and almost 1 hour of video workshop footage.


The assessment is optional and uses a Multiple Choice Questionnaire as the assessment tool.

All the questions on the MCQ are based on the written topic lecture notes.

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