Computer Requirements


  • Course participants must have regular access to a computer and to the internet.
  • They must possess basic computer skills and be familiar with logging on to the internet.
  • They must be able to open a website and use a username and password to gain access to the College Course Centre and have the ability to save documents on to their computer or to a memory stick.
  • Students should have a private email address that they regularly access


Email Address
College participants are required to have a private email address and be fully conversant in the use of web-based mail services or a desktop mail service such as Outlook Express.

The College system will reject either of two students who may wish to use the same email address. Our IT delivery system will not accept the second enrolment.

Operating Systems
Computer used by participants should have Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Apple Mac is also compatible.

At the moment all our lectures are presented in PDF format – Adobe Reader, for example can be used to download, read, study or print off lectures.

Internet Browsers
Computers may use Microsoft Internet Explorer V6 or V7 or Firefox V1.5 and V2.0

Disk Space
To participate in the courses, students will be asked to download free copies of QuickTime V and Adobe Reader V at the very least. The downloading of these two applications will require very little drive space.

However to download course materials may require 10 MB to 40 MB depending on the course or series of courses undertaken. This setting is configurable.

  • TCP/IP intranet access or modem Internet access
  • PC and telephone ≥ 12.8Kb (Recommended: ≥ 64Kb)
  • PC and Internet Phone ≥ 28Kb
  • Application Sharing (PC) ≥ 33.6Kb
  • Video (PC) ≥ 56Kb

MS Office
College courses which will require written assignment upload must use MS office suite of products for written submissions or documents. Apple mac products are not compatible unless the user has parallel applications for the applemac.


Easy access

One of the key benefits of online study is that the students can access course material whenever it is convenient for them. Downloadable lectures mean that students are no longer constricted by a conventional timetable of lectures.

Student location

Students are not restricted by their physical location. As long as there is an Internet connection, learners can open the online lectures from anywhere in the world, participate in dedicated discussion forums or download course material and notes regardless of where they are. This saving on the time and cost of travelling to and from lectures makes online study particularly suitable for those with busy lifestyles and those who do not live within easy commuting distance of conventional centres of education.

Sports involvement and study
Most teams train a couple of time per week and compete at weekends. Online learning allows coaches and managers to study on the evenings or days and at times when they are not at work nor at training.

Another key advantage of online study is that it encourages and enables students to communicate and share coaching hints and problems with their fellow students as well as with their tutors. The innovative use of the online discussion forums and email ensures that all members of a course or module can be in constant touch with each other if they wish.

One of the key objectives of the Premier Sports College is to make sports education and physical fitness education available to as wide an audience as possible at a value cost.