How the College System Works


Those who wish to enrol in any course must first go to the enrol/pay tab and complete the course fees process.  When the course fees have been received the following steps are taken by the College:

  • Each participant should download an application form to complete – tab button is just below the enrol/pay button
  • When payment and application form is received by the college, course participants are sent an email giving them their college username and password.
  • Username and password should not be changed or given to others. The contract to participate in nay of our courses is between the participant and the college only. The content remains the property of the college even though each student is allowed to download and print off all the course content for their own use only.
  • Learners can login using username and passwords but they will only give a participant access to their own selected course or module.

As a student of the Premier College, you will interact with three main forms of content by way of a module or academic delivery for material depending on the type or standard of course undertaken.

1. Written lectures

These written documents are the main lecture material and can be studied online. There are normally a minimum of 6 pages in a lectures. These can be read or studied online or printed off for studying offline (recommended). These lectures will consist of text, photos, graphs and diagrams. They may be open and used when completing any assessments.

2. Assessment

We use 3 forms of assessment depending on the standard and levels of the course. Firstly we use MCQs (Multiple Choice Questionnaires). These MCQ consists of a certain number of questions with 4 possible answers. By clicking on the correct answer, the participant completes the MCQ and uploads it automatically. Results are received almost immediately by email.

A second form of assessment is by uploading a written essay. This then correct by a college student and marks are awarded according to the work submitted.

A third assessment style can include submission of a video clip of the participant in action demonstrating how he or she delivers an aspect or topic of a course. This is only used in courses using the academic format.

3. Video Clips

Video clips are inserted whenever practical from week to week depending on the course. These workshops are regarded as workshops and can be included to add to the learning process or to stimulate evaluation of the training approaches of others. These types of clips are inserted to instigate group discussion and comments. Some clips may even be added to allow participants to evaluate the course content as they may show other coaches justifying an opposite approach to a particular topic.

Some clips may even be used as assessment tools.

4. Discussion Forum

Each course or module will include an interactive discussion forum at the top of the module – normally referred to as INFORMATION SECTION. One may pose problems or present coaching hints that one has used successfully to date to illicit comment or discussion. .Fellow students may comment on your experience and post their own comments. You can reply if you so wish. It it is a way to build groups of friends or fellow coaches who may assist you later in your coaching career.

From time to time learners may be asked to reflect on certain topics or material in the course discussion forum. This normally applies to course which use the academic format.