C012 – Mod 2 – Skill and Technical Development in Early Childhood

This is the 2nd module of the C01 – The U6 and U8 Child Athletic Development Course

This module examines the concept of skill development in relation to coaching and developing the young child  in the appropriate  skills of movement in sport as well as to develop the vital fundamental motor skills and functional skills that form the foundation of all skill learning. Technical development of the player is  dependent on the acquisition of good stability and mobility skills. However it is enhanced depending on the exposure the young player gets to the widest range of fundamental motor skills possible. It is also assisted by the development of key functional capacities appropriate to the child’s age and maturity. This module covers the whole area of skill learning and skill coaching needed by the successful and inspirational coach, teacher or parent.

Topic 1 – Talent Identification and the Matthew Effect – examines the way that talent identification programmes can be used or misused. It also presents important background knowledge on the concept of Relative Age Effect (or The Matthew Effect) as well as discussing the key issue of how we can stop the haemorrhaging of young people and young talent from sport in general.

Topic 2 – Understanding the Effects of Early Specialisation in Sports Training – starts by examining early and late specialisation formats and then presents the research available on this contentious issue. It presents the reasons why people use the early specialisation approach but also presents the major drawbacks with this approach. This topic should give all coaches an in-depth look at how we could improve how we coach young children as athletes or as team players.

Topic 3 – Developing an Approach to Coaching Children in Early Childhood – discusses the important approach that is needed working with children in the early (5 to 8 years) childhood years ensuring that we can plan for both early and late developing or maturing young people so as to increase their love for and participation in sport

Note: These 3 important topics are also presented in the Under 10 and 12 course as well to ensure the coach has a basic understanding of key background coaching issues.

Topic 4 – The Skills Continuum – examines the skills ladder and the various range of skills the child should develops and experience during growth from infancy to the teenage years. It discusses the relative importance of each skill type to the young (U6 and U8) child athlete.

Topic 5 – Understanding Stability and Movement Skills in Sport – starts by examining the importance of stability in all forms of movement. It illustrates how stability in vital to the child developing expertise in the various kinds of fundamental motor skills. It looks how coaches can help develop good stability skills in young athletes.

Topic 6 – Importance of Fundamental Motor Skill Learning – discusses the issue of age and gender on motor skill proficiency and the role that coaching can bring to enhancing the U6 and U8 child’s motor skill proficiency.

Topic 7 – Stages of Learning Fundamental Motor Skills – examines types of motor skills a child must developl as well as the learning and coaching/teaching phases associated with motor skill development especially for the U6 and U8 young child.

Topic 8 – Teaching and Coaching Motor and Sports Skills – examines the environment for learning and developing skills as well as covering the factors that assist sports skill learning.

Topic 9 – The Under 6 and Under 8 Player’s Skills Programme – presents key movement skills that the Under 6 and Under 8 child should be coached in and lays out the best possible steps for the coach to follow in developing the skills.

Topic 10 – The Child Player – Training and Games Organisation – examines the best way to organise Under 6 and Under 8 training or physical education sessions as well as sports participation. It also presents the best approach to organising games to practice movement skills and sport skills.

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