SP01 – Mod 1: Introduction to Sports Pschology

Module 1 Overview

This module is aimed at introducing students to sports psychology and the general applications that are applied in sport. It begins by outlining a brief history of the development of sports psychology as well as outlining many of the various branches of general psychology and how each can contribute to work in the area of sport. The course presents the role of the sports psychologist and well as discussing the many myths that have developed around the topic. It presents an overview of the elements of sports psychology and discusses briefly how each element can contribute to the performance of the athlete or player. It introduces coaches and manager to psychometric testing as well as outlining the theory and practice of such testing. While this sports psychology course is aimed at assisting coaches and mangers how to use mental skills and techniques in their work, the penultimate topic of this particular module presents how sports psychology can be used to help these leaders of sport in their own work of coaching and managing. The module ends with a quick preview of the how sports psychology can be used to assist athletes and players to enhance their performance in sport

Module Topics

The following topics are covered in this module:

  1. Brief History of Sports Psychology
  2. Branches of Pyschology
  3. The Validity of Sports Psychology Qualifications
  4. The Use of Imagery and Visualisation
  5. The Myths about Sports Psychology
  6. The Role of the Sports Psychologist
  7. The Elements of Sports Psychology
  8. Psychometric Testing
  9. Sports Psychology for the Coach or Manager
  10. Sports Psychology for the Athlete or Player

Course Information

This module is delivered in modular format. As soon as you gain entry to the module all the module content is accessible. We encourage participants to study the topics in the order presented.

Module Assessment

Assessment for this module is by MCQ (Multiple Choice questionnaire) and must be attempted before the final 5 days of enrolment.

The MCQ contains 20 questions. Each question will have 4 possible answers. Some questions will have more than one correct answer. there is a time limit to complete the MCQ of 45 minutes.

Advice for Participants

A MCQ can only be attempted ONCE. It is your responsibility to ensure that mobile phones are turned-off and you should seek to be alone for the duration of the MCQ. The MCQ for this course can take up to 45 minutes. In the case of failing an MCQ arrangements will be made to allow a second attempt.

As soon as you have submitted the Course MCQ, you are asked to email admin@premiercollege.com to let us know that you have completed the course.

Module Enrolment Details

To enrol for this module we ask you to click on the ADD TO BASKET button and proceed to pay through PayPal either by a PayPal account or by credit card.

Each participant is enrolled for 60 days and are given this period in which to complete the course and the end of course assessment (MCQ).

Emails will be sent automatically to participants with the final 15 days of the course to remind them to complete the course or to ask for an extension.

If one has problems with completing the course in 60 days, they are asked to email admin@premiersportscollege.com for an extension. The request must arrive before the 5th last day of enrolment.

Pay and Enrol

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