SP02 – Mod 2: Mental Preparation for Performance in Sport

Course Overview

Mental preparation for sports prepares the minds of individual athletes and team players for the demands of physical fitness training, skill learning and for the necessary performance levels needed in competition. An athlete or player who is mentally ready is highly motivated, focused, and self confident will rise to peak performance when it counts. Many leading figures in sport believe that sport is won in the mind, even if it is played with the body (Moran, 2004). It is important to note here that physical preparation for sport is paramount to any athlete. Sport psychology should be used to enhance sporting performance and not to replace physical training. That said, the mind is a powerful tool and it is often said that the only difference between good athletes and great athletes is their mental approach to the game/sport. The effectiveness of any sports training programme is compromised if athletes have difficulty learning sport skills correctly, focusing on game strategies, or developing mental toughness. The whole objective of mental preparation is to have the athlete in the right frame of mind to perform to his or her best on a given day and in a given situation. This course is aimed at developing an understanding of the basic but best mental preparation practices needed for success in today’s sporting environment.

Course Topics

The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Introduction to and Definition of Mental Preparation
  • The Importance of Mental Preparation for Sport
  • Effects of Goal Setting on Mental Preparation
  • The Use of Imagery and Visualisation
  • The Skills of Affirmation and Self-Talk
  • The Role of Relaxation in Mental Preparation
  • Developing Concentration, Attention and Awareness for Performance
  • Emotional Control in Sports Performance
  • The Importance of Attitude in Sports Performance

Course Information

This course is delivered in modular format.

As soon as you gain entry to the course all the course content is accessible.

The course will contain a series of topics. We encourage participants to study them in the order presented.

Course Assessment must be attempted before the final 5 days of enrolment.

Assessment for the course is by MCQ. This MCQ contains 20 questions.

Each question will have 4 possible answers.

Some questions will have more than one correct answer.

Module Fees

Fee for SP02 – Mod 2: Mental Preparation for Performance in Sport: $124.95
Or Pay for full course
Fee for SP1 – International Diploma in Practical Sports Psychology: $995.00

Advice for Participants

A MCQ can only be attempted ONCE. It is your responsibility to ensure that mobile phones are turned-off and you should seek to be alone for the duration of the MCQ.

The MCQ for this course can take up to 45 minutes.

In the case of failing an MCQ arrangements will be made to allow a second attempt.

As soon as you have submitted the Course MCQ, you are asked to email admin@premiercollege.com to let us know that you have completed the course.

Certificates will be posted out within 10 days of successful course completion

 Course Enrolment Details

Each participant is enrolled for 60 days and are given this period in which to complete the course and the end of course assessment.

Emails will be sent automatically to participants with the final 15 days of the course to remind them to complete the course or to ask for an extension.

If one has problems with completing the course in 60 days, they are asked to email admin@premiersportscollege.com for an extension. The request must arrive before the 5th last day of enrolment.

Pay and Enrol

Fee for SP02 – Mod 2: Mental Preparation for Performance in Sport: $124.95
Or Pay for full course
Fee for SP1 – International Diploma in Practical Sports Psychology: $995.00