DSC13 – Mod 3 Endurance Development for Sport

 Module Overview

This module is designed to present a fresh approach to coaching endurance or stamina training for coaches who are engaged in preparing and conditioning individuals and teams for sports. The most basic premise is that endurance training for field
and court sports is completely different to that required by the long distance athlete, swimmer or cyclist. Field and court sports are not continuous stamina games or competition; they are games of skill but carried out in a start-stop-start fashion.

Module Summary

During this module we will try to explain the difference between endurance training for a continuous sport and for a sport that requires the repetition of many different activities, movement patterns, and skills across a wide range of speeds.

Initially we will examine how the body provides energy for exercise as well as introducing the learner to the Three Energy Systems and how they work together to provide athletes or players with energy to train for and compete in their sports. As well  as examining the importance of the energy systems and the part they play in fitness development for sport, we also look at the factors that limit performance in endurance.

One of the most important topics of this modules presents, examines and discusses the relevance of and importance of the various types of endurance training.

The module also examines how the principles of training (module 1) are applied to developing endurance for a range of sports and ends by presenting a topic entitled “endurance and field and court sports” where the application of endurance training is best applied to a range of sports which required the ability to continue with irregular bouts of intermittent physical activity.

This course presents a modern approach to endurance training. Each topic is presented in an exciting and thorough way to ensure that a clear understanding of the subject matter is delivered.

Course Topics

The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Introduction to the Module
  • Fitness, Conditioning and Training
  • Understanding Energy
  • The Energy Systems
  • Importance of the Energy Systems
  • The Energy Systems and Sports Fitness
  • Factors affecting Endurance Performance
  • Endurance Training – Challenging Traditional Interpretation
  • Types of Endurance Training
  • Endurance and the Principles of Training
  • Endurance and Field & Courts Sports
  • Module assessment

 Module Duration

This module is the equivalent of 30 hours of college lectures and the corresponding time spent understanding, absorbing and using the content practically through study and one’s coaching practice. All students are enrolled for 60 days but the actual time spent completing the module make take much less time for some coaches.

Course Information

This course is delivered in modular format.

As soon as you gain entry to the course all the course content is accessible.

The course will contain a series of topics. We encourage participants to study them in the order presented.

Course Assessment must be attempted before the final 5 days of enrolment.

Assessment for the course is by MCQ. This MCQ contains 20 questions.

Each question will have 4 possible answers.

Some questions will have more than one correct answer.

Advice for Participants

A MCQ can only be attempted ONCE. It is your responsibility to ensure that mobile phones are turned-off and you should seek to be alone for the duration of the MCQ.

The MCQ for this course can take up to 45 minutes.

In the case of failing an MCQ arrangements will be made to allow a second attempt.

As soon as you have submitted the Course MCQ, you are asked to email admin@premiercollege.com to let us know that you have completed the course.

Certificates will be posted out within 10 days of successful course completion

Course Enrolment Details

Each participant is enrolled for 60 days and are given this period in which to complete the course and the end of course assessment.

Emails will be sent automatically to participants with the final 15 days of the course to remind them to complete the course or to ask for an extension.

If one has problems with completing the course in 60 days, they are asked to email admin@premiersportscollege.com for an extension. The request must arrive before the 5th last day of enrolment.

Purchasing Information

Please go to the college home page and on the top right hand corner ensure you select your correct location as this will give one the choice of paying by Euro, Sterling or Dollar. This course can be purchased module by module (€99.00 per module)  or the full course can be purchased for €850.00. To purchase the course in full go and click here

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