FD15 – Mod 5: Physique, Posture and Function in Sports Performance

Course Overview

This module presents a general insight to the importance of physique, posture and function and their relevance to performance in sport.

The coach or fitness trainer is introduced to how to assess posture, the common postural variations they encounter as well as being led to an understanding common postural problems that can affect the training and/or performance of individual athletes and players. The important aspect of lower and upper postural crossed syndrome is outlined and ways of addressing the functional issues involved are prescribed. Overall this module presents a modern approach to the relevance of both physique and posture on sports’ performance.

Module Objectives

The overall aim is to develop the coach’s appreciation, understanding and ability to work with various physiques and posture as they relate to the individuals they coach and work with in pursuit of performance excellence. The module intends to develop a more rounded approach to physical fitness conditioning by the coach and by the personal fitness trainer.

Course Topics

The following topics covered in this course are:

  • Topic 1 – Introduction to the course

This topic introduce the module by outlining the aims and objectives as well as outlining the various topics covered.

  • Topic 2 – Physique in Sport

The topic introduces us to somatotyping in general while discusses briefly the question of race, colour and genetics for athletes and players. It also examines the characteristics, features and benefits for sport of the endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph individuals, It presents a brief look at Sheldon’s Constitutional Theory on body type and personality traits for discussion.  Finally looks at a wide range of sport and what body types tend to be successful at these sports.

  • Topic 3 – Assessing Posture

Topic 3 defines posture and its relevance to sports performance. It also looks at the cause of poor posture while examining the characteristics of good posture. It also examines postural alignment and the effects of faulty posture and discusses the concept the kinetic chain. It concludes by presenting a simple method of assessing standing posture for the coach

  • Topic 4 – Variations in Posture

This topics looks at 4 common variations in posture and these are: a) Sway Back Posture b) Kyphotic-Lordic Posture c) Flat Back Posture d) Military Posture. It also examines the characteristics and areas of focus for strengthening and stretching of each posture type. Finally it suggests possible modification needed by that athlete-player with each condition.

  • Topic 5 – Common Postural Problems

This topic looks at common variations from normal postural positions as well as at the effects that these variations can have on sporting       performance. It also examines exercises to eradicate performance inhibiting postural deficiencies

  • Topic 6 – Understanding Postural Crossed Syndrome

Topic 6 looks at postural control and its influence on balance and movement. It examines the functional systems of the body and the importance connection between structure and function. It introduces Janda’s Crossed Syndrome Theory to the course participants.

  • Topic 7 – The Upper Crossed Syndrome
  • Topic 8 – The Lower Crossed Syndrome
  • Topic 9 – Posture and Performance in Sport


Module Information

This module is delivered in modular format. As soon as you gain entry to the module all the module content is accessible. The module contain of a series of 10 topics. We encourage participants to study them in the order presented. Course Assessment must be attempted before the final 5 days of enrolment. Assessment for the course is by MCQ. This MCQ contains 20 questions. Each question will have 4 possible answers. Some questions will have more than one correct answer.

Advice for Participants

A MCQ can only be attempted ONCE. It is your responsibility to ensure that mobile phones are turned-off and you should seek to be alone for the duration of the MCQ. One is allowed 45 minutes to complete the MCQ. However one should be able to complete in 30 minutes.

In the case of failing an MCQ arrangements can be made to allow a second attempt. As soon as you have submitted the Course MCQ, you are asked to email admin@premiersportscollege.com to let us know that you have completed the course.

Course Enrolment Details

Each participant is enrolled for 60 days and is given this period in which to complete the course and the end of course assessment. If one has problems with completing the course in 60 days, they are advised to email admin@premiersportscollege.com to ask for an extension. The request must arrive before the 5th last day of enrolment.

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