Video 4 – Coaching and Developing Skills

What you will learn from this video

  • the definition of a sport skill
  • The various types of skills players and athletes develop
  • How to categorise sports skills
  • the best methods of coaching sport skills to players
  • the importance of feedback by the coach in the skill learning process
  • how to give the most effective feedback to the players or athletes.

Length of the video

72 minutes



Content Summary

Skill is defined as the player’s ability to choose and perform the right techniques at the right time and to do so successfully, regularly and with the minimum of effort.

The video discusses the importance of skill in sports training initially and then presents the skills continuum which includes motor, functional, and common sports skills and how sports specific skills depend on the development of earlier skill acquisition.

The video then introduces a system of classifying skills in any sport so that coaches can understand the skills they coach. Examples of such classification are open and closed skills, simple and difficult skills, internal and external skills etc. These are all discussed, defined and presented clearly to the viewer.

The premise of the video is that skills can be learned. However the better a skill is coached the easier it is for the player to develop the skill.

In terms of input from the coach the key area of feedback by the coach is covered comprehensively, firstly by examining the importance of feedback, types of feedback and finally the video presents a series of 6 tips in how to give feedback to players to enhance their skill learning or their development. The same system of feedback can also apply to evaluating training or game performance.

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