SAQ Course 2 – Speed and Agility for Sport

This course is the second course in the three course series of SAQ Courses. It was called SAQ Level 1 and followed on from the old SAQ Foundation course (now Called SAQ 1 – Movement Development for Sport).

The course lasts for over 6 hours and costs €50. The purchaser will have access to all the course for 30 days so that he or she can re-view the content as often as one wants.

The course consists of the following

Lecture 1 – Introduction to the Course (12 minutes)

This lecture introduces the course and outlines its design.

Lecture 2 – The Theory and Practice of Speed and Agility Training (60 minutes).

This lectures examine speed and agility, the importance of genetics, the effects of training and the impact of good coaching on speed development

Lecture 3 – The Elements of Speed (56 minutes)

This lectures describes, outlines and studies 15 elements of speed and their importance to various sports.

Lecture 4 – Speed Training  – Linear, COD and Agility (40 minutes)

This video lecture compares and contrasts linear, agility (random) and change of direction (pre-planned) speed training and discusses how to make players faster at all three key elements.

Lecture 5 – The Approach to and the Principles of Coaching Speed (50 minutes)

This lecture presents and discusses the approach a coach needs to  take to become good at making athletes or players run faster.

Workshop 1 – Starting and Acceleration (48 minutes)

This workshop discusses starting, acceleration and deceleration and their importance in sport as well as presenting ways to coach track athletes and sport players in these 3 important elements of speed.

Workshop 2 – Changing Direction and Agility (38 minutes)

This workshop examines, discusses and demonstrates methods to develop agility speed and how to make players faster at changing direction. How to coach six COD methods are demonstrated in the workshop

Workshop 3 – Coaching Speed in General (59 minutes)

In this workshop we discuss how speed must be coached to achieve the best results. We illustrate how to implement the Principles of Speed Training.

Pay and Enrol

Fee for SAQ Course 2 – Speed and Agility for Sport: $54,95