SC506 – Coaching Speed to 6 to 9 Year Olds

Course Overview

Children in this age group (depending on gender) are in the First Window of Opportunity for Rapid Development of Speed and Agility.

The appraoch to coaching speed to these children is that actual speed training is not as important as laying the foundation for speed development at a later stage. The coach/teacher/parent needs to remember, that the basis for speed is a solid foundation of anatomical adaptation where excellent functional balance should be the goal. In addition, coordination and movement skills should be developed and on top of this strength and power should also be developed. This is the key to ensuring that the First Window of Opportunity for Speed is successful.

According to Grasso the training of children for speed needs not to be specific to speed should be aimed at developing all the biomor abilities of the child – especially strength, stabilty and balance. This is the main pathway to esnure speed will be enhanced and accelerated for the child.

Course Topics

Topics in the course includes

  1. The Windows of Opportunity for Development
  2. Understanding the Windows of Opportunity
  3. The Basis for Speed Development for Children
  4. Introduction to Speed Training for Children
  5. Speed Training Activities 1 – Hopscotch (2 Variations)
  6. Speed Training Activities 2 – Dodging and Shadowing (6 games and many variations)
  7. Speed Training Activities 3 – Jumping for Distance (6 games and variations)
  8. Speed training Activities 4 – Jumping for Height (8 games and variations)
  9. Speed Training Activities – Running and Fast Feet (4 Running Games and 12 Ladder drills
  10. Speed Training Activities – Skipping (8 Games and variations)
  11. Speed Training Activities – Leaping/Chasing (8 games and variations)


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