SC502 – Theory and Practice of Flexibility Development

Course Overview

This is an exciting short course which is designed to bring all coaches, teachers, managers and mentors up to date on the theory and practice of flexibility development.

With the introduction of dynamic flexibility as the recommended warm-up routine many players are losing flexibility and thus reducing performance and inviting injury which is the bane of all sports people. This course sets out to examine all the rlevenat issues reagrding flexibility development in a clear and simple way so that the coach cna feel well-edcuated in this interesting and vital subject matters

Course Content

the course comprises the floowing topics

  • 1 – Introduction to the Course
  • 2 -Flexibility and the Physiology of Stretching
  • 3 -Types of Flexibility
  • 4 -Types of Stretching
  • 5 -How to Stretch
  • 6 -When to Stretch
  • 7 -Dangerous Stretching Exercises
  • 8 -Course Assessment (optional)

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