SC504 – Understanding the Importance of Rest and Recovery for Sport

Course Overview

The Principle of Rest & Recovery clearly states that adequate rest is needed to maximise improvements in fitness and performance. Consideration should be given to rest, not only within training sessions and between daily workouts, but also what strategies are best to use to ensure that athlete and players turn up refreshed for the next training session and most importantly for the next game or competition.

This course examines not only the pricnciple of rest and Recovery but the various modalities managers, coachea and mentors can use to ensure that athletes or players are ready for the enxt game or training session.

Course Content

The following topics are discussed during this course:

  • 1 – Introduction to the Course
  • 2 – The Principle of Rest and Recovery
  • 3 – The Cool-Down
  • 4 – Importance of Hydration and Re-fuelling
  • 5 – Use of Cold and Contrast Baths
  • 6 – Use of Deep Water Running
  • 7 – Post-Exercise Massage
  • 8 – Compression Clothing
  • 9 – Importance of Sleep
  • 10 – Summary
  • 11 – Course Assessment (Optional)

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