SC509 – Core Stability Training & Prescribed Exercises

Course Overview

This is an excellent short course which studies the theory and practice of core stability for coaches, trainers, managers and mentor of individual athlete or players from sports teams.

According to the Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine (2008) core stability is the ability to control the movement and position of the muscles of the central ‘core’ of the body which are responsible for posture and limb movement. These include the muscle groups of the lower back and abdomen. Good core stability will allow the sportsman/woman to maximize their sporting performance and minimize injury risk. A well-conditioned core will control and increase the power of muscle movement, resulting in more efficient and coordinated limb movement and limiting potential injury by excessive or abnormal loads. Core stability is improved through a regular and repeated exercise programme, which does not require any equipment.

The overall objective of this course is to give a wide range of 37 core stability exercises which require no equipment and can be completed on the field or indivudally at home. There are a further 12 simple core exercises that require the use of a core stability ball.

Topics of the Course:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • The Core & the Muscles of the Core
  • Benefits of a Strong Core
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Core Exercises – Beginner Level 1 (x 3)
  • Core Exercises – Beginner Level 2 (x4)
  • Core Exercises – The Bridge and Progression Exercises (x6)
  • Core Exercises – The Plank and Progression Exercises (x7)
  • Core Exercises – The Side Plank and Progression Exercises (x6)
  • Core Exercises – The Push-up Plank and Progression Exercises (x8)
  • Core Exercises – The Reverse Plank and progression Exercises (x3)
  • Core Exercises – Stability Ball Exercises (x12)
  • Course Summary


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