SC503 – 50 Sample Speed Sessions (Older Juvenile, Teenage & Adults Teams)

General Overview

This is a collection of more than 50 speed training sessions which are suitable for most field sports – Gaelic Games, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse and Rugby. While their main aim is for teenage and adult teams, they can be used with 10 to 12 year old juvenile players.

Course Access Duration

Participants who purchase or enrol on this course will have access 24/7 for 365 days.

Course Content

The course begins with an introduction in how to conduct a good speed session and acknowledging how to implement the Principles of Speed Development. These principles are seen as specific guidelines for the coach/manager to follow to ensure the best possible progress and benefit being achieved at any given speed training session.

There are various types of speed sessions described and illustrated by diagram. In some case notes on how to vary or progress the sessions are also included (where appropriate).

Variety of Speed Sessions

Among the different types of speed session included here are:

  • Linear Sprint Speed sessions (15 different linear acceleration speed sessions)
  • Agility Sprint Speed sessions (15 different agility speed sessions)
  • Agility Grid speed sessions (15 different Agility Grid sessions)
  • Deceleration speed sessions (6 different Deceleration sessions)

Furthermore – most recommended sessions above have many variations added to make up many speed sessions – perhaps as many as 50 sessions in total

Each session looks at the objective of the session, distances to be used, equipment needed, safety issues and the content of each session is described and illustrated clearly.

Purchasing the Course

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