SC517 – 40 Sample Stamina Conditioning Sessions (Older Teenage & Adult Teams)

Course Overview

This is a collection of 26 stamina training sessions which are suitable for most field sports including Gaelic Games. However they are not meant as sessions for juvenile players nor teams.

Course Access Duration

Participants who purchase or enrol on this course will have access 24/7 for 365 days.

Course Objectives

The overall objective is to give the coach or manager at least 26 training session options for pre-season conditioning training – half of these will be stamina training without the ball and half will include the use of the ball.

NOTE: The ball sessions are not intended as skill development – rather it is using the ball to become fit.

Course Topics

The course begins with an introduction to stamina in general and for field and court sports in particular. There are various types of stamina sessions described and illustrated by diagram. In some cases notes on how to vary or progress the sessions are also included (where appropriate).

  • Topic 1 – Introduction to and Understanding of Stamina Development for Field Sports
  • Topic 2 – Drills consisting of running training without the ball to develop stamina – 11 different sessions are outlined, illustrated and explained in great detail
  • Topic 3 – drills consisting of running, possession and challenging for the ball activities to develop stamina – 11 different sessions are outlined, illustrated and explained in great detail.

Each presents the objective of the session, distances to be used, equipment needed, safety issues and the content of each session is described and illustrated clearly.

Course Information

This course is delivered in a simple format. as soon as one gains entry all the relevant content is available to the purchaser.

Course Enrolment Details

Each participant is enrolled for 365 days and is given this period in which to ready, study and make notes on the content and the various session in the course.

Purchasing Information

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