SC520 – Core Strength Training Exercises for 5 to 8 Year Olds

This is mainly a video lecture course with additional reading material which explains the importance of core strength development for young children particularly for those involved in sports.

The athletic development of the young athlete or player is based on a solid foundation of coordination and strength development (including leg and core strength). The physical literacy development is based on deliberate and play practice of a wide range of fundamental motor skills and basic functional  skills.

Core strength is at the very foundation of the child’s strength development, his or her funcdamental motor skill learning as well as the aquisisiton of solid functional movement skills.

This course examines:

  • Why is core strength training important to young children
  • the ebenfits to children of having good core strength
  • The weaknesses that acrue from having poor core muscles

This course presents

  • a wide range of sutiable exercises for the coach of younger child athletes and team players to use over the course of these vital years of development.

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