SCJuv01 – Understanding Strength and Conditioning for Juveniles

Objective of the Course

To make coaches aware of the duties and coaching skills of a strength and conditioning coach working with juveniles.

Course Content

This course is critical to an aspiring expert in juvenile coaching as it presents all the background information needed by the coach on the young player.

Initially it is important to understand the term strength and conditioning. While the term itself is in world-wide use it is not really appropriate for the work carried out with adult athletes, players and teams it is even more inappropriate for use the world of juvenile coaching and training.

The work of the strength and conditioning coach extends far beyond the area of strength. Such coaches need to be experts in skill. speed, endurance as well as flexibility development- the other 4 components of physical fitness. However this course examins the real work of such a coach working with juveniles and the main objective of such work is in Athlete/Player Physical and Functional Development. This is what is required of coaches working with the 6 to 12 year olds – the development of the overall athleticism of the athlete/player in physical and functional development.

This objective of this course is to steer the prospective strength and conditioning coach for juveniles on the right road from the start and to provide him with all the coaching skills and tools necessary to make a difference with all young sports people who come under his or her care.

Course Videos

This course has more than 23 videos to view (up to 2 hours in total length)

Topics of the Course

The following topics are covered during this course:

Topic 1 – Introduction to the course

This topic introduces the course as well as its main aims and objectives.

Topic 2 – Important Issues relating to Juvenile Coaching

This topic sets the tone for the course and begins by examining the huge importance of multi-lateral development for the child. While it proposes the importance of speed at juvenile levels strength, function and mobility can be more important as these are the foundation stones of speed development.

Topc 3 – The Concept of Strength and Conditioning

This topic proposes that overall physical and function development of the child player is more important than what adults regard as a strength and conditioning programme.

Topic 4 – Growth & Development and Physical Training

This topic examines the Child Stage of Development and looks at both the fundamental phase (5 to 8) and the developmental phase (9 to 12). It discusses the relative importance of motor skill and strength development for the child.

Topic 5 – Growth & Maturity in Childhood Development

This topic examines the issue of maturation as well as the 3 stages of player development 1) Prepubescent stage of development, 2) Pubescent stage of development and 3) Adolescent stage of development and how the importance of prepubescent stage is important to the 10 to 12 year boy and to the 9 to 11 year girl.

Topic 6 – The Growth Spurt and the Juvenile Athlete/Player

This topic looks at the very important issue of the major growth spurt at puberty and how it can affect the player’s coordination, balance and skill performance. It provides guidelines for track Peak Height Velocity development and ensures the coach must be sympathetic during this critical stage of the child’s development.

Topic 7 – Overall Guidelines for Conditioning of Young Athletes/Players

This topics introduces the coach how best to approach coaching juveniles in general and introduces him/her to the overall guidelines for understanding the six training capacities of the young athlete/player – the technical, tactical, physical, mental, functional and personal and lifestyle capacities.

Topic 8 – The Training Capacities of Juvenile Athletes/Players

This final topic follows up on the previous topics and discusses the methods the coach can use to ensure the best possible development of the capacities of the young athlete/player

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