SCJuv08 – Flexibility and Mobilty Development

Objective of the Course

The objective of this course is to ensure coaches working with juvenile athletes, players or teams understands and appreciates:

  • that flexibility is an important foundation for speed and skill when coaching children in the 6 to 12 age categories
  • is conversant with the best flexibility training methods with children
  • that dynamic stretching is recommended for all children as the most appropraite method of flexibility development

Course Content

This course examines the important issue of theory and practice of flexibility and mobility training as it relates to coaching juvenile athletes and players. Flexibility must be seen as an important components of physical fitness training for juvenile athletes and teams. In conjunction with strength it provides the basis for the physical development of the athlete/player and is absolutely necessary if the coach wishes to lay down a significant and critical foundation for speed development later.

It is important also for the coach to understand that the flexibility development work undertaken with juveniles should not be static stretching. Brian Grasso one of the world’s leading experts on juvenile coach states that “within this age group, STATIC STRETCHING SHOULD BE AVOIDED. Excitement within the nervous system is much more pronounced than inhibition, which means that kids this age cannot truly execute a held stretch. They cannot gain the appropriate feedback from their body needed to ensure the safety and optimal effectiveness of the stretch. Additionally, Isometric stretches (as found in Yoga) should also be avoided completely in this age category. These kinds of stretches may increase the resting tone of a muscle, which can negatively affect movement skill and coordination”. He continues by emphasising that “coordination and movement MUST dominate this age bracket”. (Grasso, 2010)

Thus the expert juvenile coach must know the best methods and exercises in the area of flexibility and mobility training to use when working with the young athletes and players in their care. This course aims to provide such in-depth knowledge as well as providing a range of flexibility, coordination and movement exercises and activities for the coach.

Grasso, BJ. (2010) “Flexibility – Are we hurting kids?” Brianmac Sports Coach. <>.

Topics of the Course

the following topics will be covered in this course

Introduction to the course

This topic introduces the course as well as outlining its aims and objectives.

Flexibility and the Juvenile Athlete/Player

Children between the ages (both boys and girls) of 6 to 10 years are in the Window of Opportunity for Rapid Development of Flexibility. However it is important that coaches understand that flexibility for 5 to 10 year olds should be about mobility and achieved through dynamic stretching exercises. After 11 they can begin static flexibility training.

Physical Tests for Juveniles/Players

This topic examines the important area of evaluation of progression with young sports people and demonstrates the importance of the straight leg raise test for flexibility and the standing long jump for evaluation of leg strength and power.

Types of Flexibility

This topic examines a wide range of the various types of flexibility. It describes, illustrates and explains each type and discusses which types are best for working with young athletes/players.

Types of Stretching

This topics ensures the coach understand the various types of stretching exercises that can be used to develop flexibility and/or mobility.

How to Stretch

This topic explains to the coach the best ways to coach stretching exercises be it working with juvenile, teenage or adult athletes or players.

When to Stretch

This topic examines when it is best to have the athletes or player stretch and this applies to te time of day and at which stage during a training session is best for stretching.

Dynamic Flexibility Stretches for the 6 to 11 Year Olds

This topic presents a number of good stretching exercises for the 6 to 10 year old athletes or players. A description and an illustration of each exercises is also presented

Static Flexibility Stretches for the 12 Year Olds

This topic presents a number of good static stretching exercises for the 6 to 10 year old athletes or players. A description and an illustration of each exercises is also presented


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