SCJuv04.2 – Speed & Agility Training Exercises (10 – 12 Year Olds)

Objective of the Course

The objective of this course is to ensure the coach working with 10 to 12 year old juvenile athletes, players or teams

  • Understands the importance of the speed development exercises for the older Juvenile Athlete/player
  • is conversant with many speed and agility training exercises that should be used with older juveniles
  • knows how to coach the prescribed exercises

Course Content

This course is aimed at the coach of the older juvenile athlete or player who is in the period between the the First and Second Window of Opportunity for Rapid Development for Speed. It aims to provide the coach, teacher, mentor or parent working with the juveniles a wide range of speed and development exercises.

Coaches working with children in this inter-Window period of development must understand and appreciate that speed and agility exercise and drills can be introduced while maintaining the general overall aim of continuing the overall physical, strength and flexibility development that must take place while the sports players develops from 10 to 12 years of age.

For this age group physical literacy development is of prime importance and speed and agility must be seen as a major contributing element in this process.

This course provides the coach with a wide range of games, exercises and drills that will enhance the young sports person’s speed and agility capabilities.

Topics of the Course

the following topics will be covered in this course

Introduction to the Exercises

This topic introduces the course and outlines its aims and objectives.


Speed in the LATD (Long Term Athlete Development)

This topic discusses problematic issues with the concept of the LTAD and ensures that the sport coach is well versed in how to overcome any short-comings in the pathway thus ensuring that the correct approach is adopted in coaching athletes/players in the late childhood stage of development particulary in speed and agility.


Training that makes Juveniles Faster

This topic examines the elements of the holistic approach to coaching 10 to 12 year olds in general and how the training and developing of speed and agility is best achieved. The topic again looks at the importance of strength, fluidity of movement and the flexibility required to run fast.


Running Efficiency Training Drills

This topic examines the skill of sprinting/running. As juveniles are in a very special Window of Opportunity for Speed the onus is on the coach to ensure that they are coached in the techniques of sprinting and in the techniques of changing direction efficiently. In this topic we presents some good sprinting technique drills for the coach.


Mini-Hurdle Activities

This topic continues the work of the technical development of the juvenile by using mini-hurdles to continue the work of developing good running mechanics.


Fast Feet Ladder Activities

This topic instructs the coach how to use the fast feet ladders initially to continue the work of developing good running mechanics but also in developing good neuromuscular activation as well.


Understanding Plyometrics

This topic ensures the coach understands plyometric training and what types of plyometric training can be used with juvenile athletes or players.


Running Activities

This topic ensures the coach understands the importance of using good running activities with the juvenile athlete or player. It makes recommendations on good coaching practice in relation to running exercises to be used.


Hopping & Jumping Activities

This topic continues the work that is needed on developing leg power for the juveniles prior to entering the key Second Window of Opportunity for Speed Development which they enter as they enter their teenage stage of development. The topic presents a series of good hopping and jumping exercises and activities to be used by the juvenile coach.


Sprinting for Juveniles

This topic examines the part that sprint training can play in the development fo training programmes for juvenile athletes and players. It also gives samples of sprint training sessions for older juveniles.


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