SCJuv04.1 – Speed & Agility Training Exercises (6 to 9 Year Olds)

Objective of the Course

The objective of this course is to ensure the coach working with 6 to 9 year old juvenile athletes, players or teams

  • Understands the importance of the speed development exercises
  • is conversant with many speed training exercises that should be used with younger children
  • knows how to coach the prescribed exercises

Course Content

This course is aimed at the coach of the young athlete or player who is in the First Window of Opportunity for Rapid Development for Speed. It aims to provide the coach, teacher, mentor or parent working with younger juveniles a wide range of speed development exercises.

Coaches working with children in this sensitive period of development must understand and appreciate that the central elements in coaching and training speed and agility are not simply speed running training sessions. The key to having fast athletes and players later in their sporting life is the overall physical, strength and flexibility development that must take place while the child is in this first period of speed development.

This course provides the coach with a wide range of games, exercises and drills that will enhance the young sports person’s speed and agility capabilities.

Topics of the Course

The following topics are covered in this course

Introduction to the course

This topic sets out the aims and objective of the course.

The Requirements of Speed

This topics examines what are the requirements of a coaching/training programme for 6 to 9 year olds as well as looking at the factors that promote speed – strength, balance, coordination and fluidity of movement. It presents how we can coach these important issues.

Running Activities

This topic examine the levels of running and presents a series of activities and games to promote the principles of movement – momentum, direction of force production and the use of the body levers in the young children. The topic presents and illustrates 9 running excellent games/activities in very clear detail.

Skipping Activities

Skipping is a combination of a hop and a step. This topic examines skipping as a movement as well as examining the benefits of the use of a skipping rope for balance, coordination and fluidity of movement development. The topic presents and illustrates 8 stimulating skipping games/activities in very clear detail.

Dodging and Shadowing Activities

This topic examines the ways that the coach can use dodging a skill that involves quick, deceptive changes in direction to evade, chase or flee from an opponent to assist the young athlete/player to become better at agility speed. The topic presents and illustrates 6 thrilling dodging/shadowing games/activities in very clear detail.

Hopscotch, Leapfrog and Hopping Activities

All hopscotch and hopping activities are games that develop strength as they prepare the muscles of the legs and glutes for developing fast running, quick turning and for higher jumping. The topic presents and illustrates 9 appropriate hopping games/activities in very clear detail.

Jumping Activities

Jumping is a wonderful exercise for children of all ages. Jumping involves the transfer of weight from one or both feet to both feet and can be seen in two ways – jumping for height or by jumping for distance. The topic presents and illustrates 12 excellent hopping games/activities in very clear details.

Course Fee

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