Tipperary S2S – Workshop 2

Workshop 2

The three topics covered in this workshop are:

  • Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS)
  • Workshops on FMS
  • The Windows of Opportunity (for the rapid development of certain physical capacities)

Topic 1 – Fundamental Motor Skills

This talk presents the importance of fundamental motor skill learning for each individual player in the club. It examines the 4 categories of motor skill the S2S programme will present. It discusses the importance of locomotion, manipulation, awareness and balance motor skill can play in the overall physical, athletic and skill development of the player.

Topic 2 – Practical workshop

This workshop will be concerned with the coaching, practising and providing a range of opportunities for the young players to develop their motor skills to the highest possible proficiency. Examples will be provided in each of the 4 categories and participants will be asked to take an active part (optional but of benefit tot he participating coaches).

3 – The Windows of Opportuntiy

This presentation will discuss the windows of opportunities that arise during the development of the young players between the ages of 6 and 16 for skill learning, speed development, flexibility, strength and stamina development. It will outline when the children are most open to rapid development in each of these important components of physical fitness and suggest ways that the coach can use to assist this development process.

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