Tipperary S2S – Workshop 3

Workshop 3

The four topics covered in this workshop are:

  • Functional Competence Skills
  • Coordination Development
  • Workshops on Function, Coordination and Leg Strength
  • Leg and General Strength Development

Topic 1 – Functional Competence Skills

This talk presents the importance of functional competence development of the young player. Functional skills are actually a special range of FMS which allow the body function or move correctly. Functional competence is related to the concept of balance in the body and is based on the alternating mobility-stability objectives of the major joints of the body.

Topic 2 – Coordination Development

Coordination is often coupled with balance and even with stability. Coordination ability means the ability to quickly and purposefully perform difficult spatial-temporal movement activities or structures. Coordination is the basic foundation stone of athletic development.

Topic 3 – Practical Workshop

This workshop will be concerned with the coaching, practising and providing a range of opportunities for the young players to learn and develop functional competence skills, coordination skills as well good and effective leg strength and general strength to assist them become better and more skilful players.

Topic 4 – Leg and General Strength Development

This presentation will discuss the importance and benefits of leg strength in particular and overall strength in general. Medical experts and especially the American Academy of Paediatrics (formal statement 2008) will be referenced in support of strength training and its specific benefits for children in general and for female players in particular. Exercises will be demonstrated and participants will be encouraged to engage in the exercises.

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