TM04 – Principles of Team Management

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Course Content

This course examines the very interesting topic of the Principles of Leadership that can be applied to team management in the area of sport. Marc Lammers is a former field hockey player and head coach. In the past, he led the Spanish women’s national field hockey team from 1999 to 2000 and the Dutch women’s national field hockey team from 2000 to 2008. Under his guidance the Dutch team became the most successful women’s hockey team in World Cup history, having won the title six times

In 2008 he presented the keynote speech at a coaching conference and one of the participants penned a summary of Lammers principle of team management and coaching. This summary has been used as the basis for this course and we present Lammers’ principles in topics 2 to 9.

In the final topic we present 20 key principles of leaderships as found in the research papars of many leading experts on management. Every effort has been made to present the principles as thay can be applied in sports team management.

Course Topics

Topic 1 – Introduction to the Course/Module

This topic introduces the course, its aims and objectives.

Topic 2 – The Principle of Good Communication

This topic examines how communication fulfills three main functions within a sports team: (1) transmitting information, (2) coordinating effort, and (3) sharing emotions and feelings. All these functions are vital to a successful team. It identifies that good communication is vital to a team’s ability to function. 

Topic 3 – The Principle of having the ability to Change one’s Approach

The old adage says that when one fails we are encouraged to try and try again. This topic examines the importance of a team manager being able to try new approaches, new tactics and even new training methods to get the best possible response from his or her players

Topic 4 – The Principle of Innovation

The main point of this topic is that sport – in both preparation and performance – does not stand still. Innovators will always try to invent something to give a team the upper-hand. Lammers (2008) third principle involves the use of innovation and in this topic we examine how he tried to be innovative.

Topic 5 – The Principle of Challenging Oneself

 While the play and the demands of each field or court sport is intermittent in nature, players must perform continuously for 60 to 90 minutes in the various sports with just one 10 to 15 minute interval. This places a high demand on the ability of the player to keep making short bursts of efforts, stopping, turning, accelerating, decelerating, jumping, tackling, being tackled and constantly being in and out of the play. This topic sees how Lammers challenged himself to improve the fitness of his team.

Topic 6 – The Principle of working on one’s Strengths

This topic examines the interesting dilemma for most team managers. Should they concentrate solely on building and leveraging the individual strengths of the players, or should they, in addition to focusing on their strengths while trying to develop their weak areas, as well? This matter is discussed in this topic.

Topic 7 – The Principle of Challenging the Team

Mark Twain once wrote that challenges make life interesting; while overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. In this topic we examine how Lammers set about to challenge his team to make them better performers.

Topic 8 – The Principle of being aware of Possibilities

In this topic we examine the advice of Lammers who suggested that all team managers and coaches should look around in their ‘own world’. He points out that they will probably only see limitations but if they look at other worlds they should can able to see possibilities. He encourages team manager or coaches to look for new possibilities everywhere.

Topic 9 – The Principle of Setting High Objectives

The lesson we discuss in this topic is to realise that the best way to motivate a team is to make them feel that what they are doing is important and will makes a difference in the long term.

Topic 10 – General Principles of Leadership for the Team Manager

The most of this course was devoted to the principle of managing and coaching as outlined by Marc Lammers. In this topic we present 20 general Principles of Leadership that should be important to all team managers.

Course Videos

This course up to 12 workshop videos in which leadership experts from the world of sport and business outlines their knowledge and expertise to assist the course participants to learn as much as possible from the course content.

Course Duration

The course contains the equivalent of 13 hours of course lectures and almost 1 hour of video workshop footage.


The assessment is optional and uses a Multiple Choice Questionnaire as the assessment tool.

All the questions on the MCQ are based on the written topic lecture notes.

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