Video 7 – Prevention of ACL Injury or its Recurrence

What you will learn:

  • an understanding of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and its function
  • an understanding of how ACL injuries occur
  • why female players are more prone to ACL injuries
  • the rate and reason for ACL injury recurrence
  • exercises and activities one can use regularly to build up resistance to an ACL injury

Length of the video

85 minutes



Video overview

This interesting video gives athletes, players, managers and coaches a detailed insight into the dreaded ALC injury as well as promoting a series of exercises to help develop a resistance to the injury. There are also a number of reasons which research has shown why female players are more prone to this injury that their male counterparts. The issue of recurrence of the injury is quite high and the reason for this is also discussed and how one can avoid such recurrence. Over 30 exercises, activities or stretches are demonstrated in a clear and simple manner so that athletes and players can take ownership of their own ACL injury preventive programme.

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