Video 6 – Home Speed Training Programme

What you will learn:

  • what is speed and agility?
  • how to develop one’s nervous system to increase stride frequency
  • how to develop greater flexibility and leg strength to improve stride length
  • the importance of developing better running technique and how to improve one’s running technique at home
  • the recommended exercises for athletes or players (devoting ten minutes every day) to developing their speed at home
  • Over 30 exercises, activities or stretches are demonstrated that will assist one to become faster.

Length of the video

85 minutes



Video Overview

This exciting and very interesting video gives athletes and players a detailed insight to what can be done at home to develop their speed and agility potential. The video comprehensively presents, explains and demonstrates many excellent exercises and activities that athletes or players can do at home to develop their fast nervous system, the activation and firing of the the fast muscle fibres, the technical enhancement of their sprinting style as well as introducing them to flexibility stretches to develop stride length and stride frequency.

To purchase

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Pay and Enrol

Fee for Video 6 – Home Speed Training Programme: $10.95