Video 8 – Types of Strength Training

What you will learn from the video

  • a comprehensive insight into the various types of strength training that can be in various sports programmes.
  • an understanding of the benefits and use of 13 different types of strength training
  • the definition of all 13 types
  • the explanation of each type of strength training
  • a demonstration of each type of strength by video clips
  • the advantages and disadvantages of the various types in different sports.

Length of the video:

65 minutes



Video Content

The lecture contains video clips of exercises as well as examples of the use of the various types of strength in sport.

The lecture comes in two parts. Part 1 last 35 minutes and Part 2 last 30 minutes so the lecture in total is 65 minutes long

The various types of strength training covered in the lecture include

  • Isometric strength
  • Maximum and absolute strength
  • Relative strength
  • Basic strength
  • Strength Endurance
  • Core strength
  • Hypertrophy
  • Reaction strength
  • Functional strength
  • Eccentric strength
  • Explosive strength
  • Propulsive strength
  • Power

This is one great all-encompassing lecture which will educate coaches, trainers, teachers and managers on the types of strength training that is most suitable to the needs of athletes and players from a wide range of sports.

While this is a stand alone video, participants are encouraged to compete our full range of strength training video so as to be an expert in strength training programme design and delivery.

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