FD17 – Mod 7: Skill and Performance Analysis

Module Overview

This is the final module of this very exciting new course which assist coaches, managers, teachers, health professional;s and personnel trainers of all age groups to understand and appreciate how the athlete/player/client can be developed to his or her full potential.

The vital section of this module introduces coaches and personal fitness trainers to what Gray Cook introduced as the Performance Pyramid and continues to examine the concept of using the pyramid to evaluate athlete-player-client development and progress.

Module Objectives

The overall objectives of this module is to present to coaches, managers, teachers and personal fitness trainers with the guidelines for understanding, appreciating and even monitoring player-athlete development in both skill and performance in a progressive programme.


Course Topics

The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Topic 1 – Introduction

This topic outlines the aims, objectives and the topics of the course.

  • Topic 2 – Understanding Physical Fitness

Topic 2 presents a comprehensive over-view of the components of physical fitness to ensure that one is ready to evaluate athletes/players or clients in terms of movement, performance or skill .

  • Topic 3 – Functional Development and Functional Training

This topics examines function and development, functional movement and finally functional development coaching which leads the participant to the understanding of “Anatomical Adaptation”.

  • Topic 4 – Player Needs Analysis

This comprehensive topic covers many major elements which include training age, physical needs, early and late specialisation, gender differences, physical make-up of individual athletes/players as well as general and specific training needs.

  • Topic 5 – Understanding the Performance Pyramid

This topic introduces the learner to the concept of the Performance Pyramid. It examines and discusses the three levels of the pyramid by which we can evaluate athletes/players/clients and their training needs.

  • Topic 6 – The Optimum Performance Athlete or Player

This topic presents the optimal performance pyramid and the examines the qualities that athletes/players/clients have that make them be defined as great performers.

  • Topic 7 – The Over-Powered Performance Athlete or Player

Topic 7 presents the qualities of athletes or player who are over-powerful and why this prevents their development as important performers in their sport or fitness stream. It discusses the correct type of training changes needed for this group of athletes/players.

  • Topic 8 – The Under-Powered Performance Athlete or Player

Topic 8 presents an insight into the skilful athlete/player/client who lacks power and examines ways to improve his or her ability.

  • Topic 9 – The Under-Skilled Athlete or Player

In this topic we examine players that are under-skilled and how the training has to be adjusted to enable these type of athlete/player/client improve.

  • Topic 10 – The Over-Skilled Athlete or Player

In this topic we examine players that are over-skilled and how the training has to be adjusted to enable these type of athlete or players improve.

  • Topic 11 – Optimising Potential

In this final topic we examine what the use of performance pyramid evaluation can teach us as coaches. It discusses how coaches can use the information provided by such evaluation to adjust training, and in some cases, to improve performance in general.

Understanding the Performance Pyramid provides the coach with a clear insight into the role of functional screening and development which is the overall objective of this course.

Course Information

This course is delivered in modular format. As soon as you gain entry to the course all the course content is accessible. The course will contain a series of 12 topics. We encourage participants to study them in the order presented. Topic 12 is the course Assessment which must be attempted before the final 5 days of enrolment.

This module assessment for the course is by MCQ. This MCQ contains 20 questions. Each question will have 4 possible answers. Some questions will have more than one correct answer.

Advice for Participants

The MCQ for this module can take up to 30 minutes. A MCQ can only be attempted ONCE. It is your responsibility to ensure that mobile phones are turned-off and you should seek to be alone for the duration of the MCQ. In the case of failing an MCQ arrangements will be made to allow a second attempt.

As soon as you have submitted the Course MCQ, you are asked to email admin@premiercollege.com to let us know that you have completed the course.

Course Enrolment Details

Each participant is enrolled in this module for 60 days and are given this period in which to complete the course and the end of course assessment. If one has problems with completing the course in 60 days, they are asked to email admin@premiersportscollege.com for an extension. The request must arrive before the 5th last day of enrolment.

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