Tipperary Ladies S2S Coaching Programme

Programme Description

This coaching programme involves almost all the clubs in the county and over 200 club coaches. The programme has 3 stages

  • Juvenile player development and coaching
  • Teenage player development and coaching
  • Adult player development and coaching

The overall aim of the first phase of the programme  concentrates on the juvenile player and aims to help coaches understand, appreciate and deliver a scientific athletic and skill based player development programme to all juvenile players and teams in each of the clubs.


The over-riding principle is player development. This development will consist of two aspects of coaching

  • athletic development
  • skill development
  • football development

The pillars of the athletic development programme are

  • coordination training and development
  • leg and general strength development
  • speed and agility training and development.

The pillars of the skill development programme are

  • Fundamental motor skills
  • Functional competence development
  • Common sport skills

The pillars of the football skill development programme will have 3 pillars

  • ball skills
  • positional skills
  • team play

The initial phase of the programme begins with 4 workshops on Sept 18th 2017 and is completed by the end on Novemebr 2017.

In early 2018 another series of workshops will present exercises and activities to develop coordination,leg strength, motor skills, functional competence, ball skills, speed and agility and as well a final series of workshops delivering sport specific football skills.

Sept-Nov 2017

The overall approach is developing the athlete first, and then developing the footballer. However this progression is through the medium of learning, practising and playing ladies football.

Workshop 1 – Athletic Development and the delivery of a good Training Session

Workshop 2 – Motor Skills and the Windows of Opportunity in Player Development

Workshop 3 – Coordination, Functional Competence and Leg strength Training and Development

Workshop 4 – Speed and Agility Development and Understanding the Female Player

The Tipperary S2S programme is open to all members, parents and coaches working with and interested in Ladies Gaelic football clubs in Tipperary.

To participate interested bodies should contact Ed Burke – the programme administrator on edburke1989@yahoo.co.uk.

All who attend the workshops will have free 2 year access to

  1. Each workshop’s slide overheads
  2. A document of 10 to 20 pages on each topic in each workshop containing extra background coaching information on the subject matter.
  3. A video summary (7 to 20 minutes) of the salient points of each topic in the workshop
  4. Some additional reading materials such as articles or research studies of interest on the workshop topics.

Early 2018

In this second phase there will be a series of workshops aimed directly and specifically at coaches of 6, 8, 10 and 12 years old players and teams. In these series of workshops there will be 18 streams in the overall “athletic and skill development” phase of the juvenile player. The programme will aim to develop the following categories of skills and abilities through exercises, drills and activities:

Coordination skills          Leg strength exercises                Squatting activities

Locomotion skills             Overall strength exercises        Lunging activities

Manipulation skills          Core strength exercises             Bending/Hinging activities

Awareness skills               Upper-body strength                   Rotating activities

Balance skills                     Jumping/landing exercises      Pushing activities

Speed training                   Agility training                              Pulling activities

The Spring phase of the programme is to develop between 40 and 80 exercises in each of these streams and to provide access to all the participating coaches in the S2S programme to between 10 and 20 exercises (demonstrated by video) for each age category (U6, U8, U10 and U12) in all the listed streams of the programme. The plan is to have coaching notes for each individual exercise:

  1. How to introduce and coach the exercise
  2. Understanding the benefit of each exercise to the players

The programme’s objective is to develop up to 2,000 exercises for use by all the coaches to enrol and attend the workshops.

Summer 2018

During this “football” phase the workshops will be devoted to coaching the skills of the game and this will be divided into the 6, 8, 10 and 12 age category groups in terms of workshop delivery.

Video clips of coaching technique will all be available to the programme participants 24/7 online.

Workshop Content Purchase

Coaches who are interested and who cannot attend a workshop can purchase online access to each workshop content for a fee of €39.95. However by contacting the programme administrator (Ed Burke – edburke1989@yahoo.co.uk or 0860585932) a voucher worth €10 can be had and help reduce the cost to €29.95. Workshop online access is only available after the delivery of each specific workshop. For example access to Workshop 1 is available after 29th Sept; workshop 2 after Oct 20th; workshop 3 after Nov 17th and finally workshop 4 after 30th November, 2017.

Access to all 4 workshops will be available from a reduced rate of €139.00 or by contacting the programme administrator for a voucher (worth €40) for a cost of €99. Access will then be granted after each workshop or if purchased after Dec 1 within a few hours of purchase.

Individual workshops

Details on each workshop are available by clicking on each workshop above and each workshop can be purchased individually on that page.

Purchasing Information

Purchasing course with Premier Sports College is via PayPal.

If purchasing either in full or by workshop make sure that you select your location on the home page. There are 3 choices – Ireland/Europe in € euro, UK in £ sterling or USA in $ dollars. This avoid the cost of foreign exchange fees. So go back to home page. select location and then find this course anew and save yourself an extra cost.

Pay and Enrol

Fee for Tipperary Ladies S2S Coaching Programme: $169.00