YS06 – Certificate in Posture Development for Improved Performance (available Oct 1st)

Course Overview

This course targets coaches, managers , trainers and teachers of all sports, all levels and all age groups. It provides the coach with an understanding, appreciation and general awareness of the importance of how to assess and assist athletes and players of all ages to be more conscious of how posture can affect performance in sport.

—Posture is how the body balances. The muscles, bones, and ligaments all work together to exert postural control not only in life movements but in sport – training, fitness, skill and performance – activities. The nervous system plays an important role by innervating or activating these structures to regulate growth and function.
if the coach develops a good eye for the assessment of posture or how athletes or players move they are able to provide an assessment of the function of the motor system as well as the nervous system. The coach needs to be aware of two important facts:
  • —Good functional habits contribute to a strong and stable posture thus providing a solid base to skill execution.
  • —Bad habits contribute to poor posture and instability and affect performance in sport.

The course does not set out to make a wonderful elite player out of a clumsy player. The overall concept is that it will provide the coach with the competence and confidence to make a poor player, an average player or an elite player better at function and movement and consequently giving them the tools to become more skillful players.

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