Scores win games

Scoring wins Games

A game winning goal in Ice Hockey is classed as the goal that ensured victory. So, if we use the example of a 3-1 victory, the game winning goal will be the 2nd goal scored by the eventual winning team.

Other sports like Gaelic Games, Rugby, Basketball and Cricket have much higher score lines. So the winning score will be the one that actually wins the game. In these cases it will normally come near to the end of the game.

However to score that winning score the team needs to match the opponents score by score as the game unfolds. Scoring needs practice. Fitness does not scores the points, skill does. The skill of scoring is a most important skill in any sport and needs to be constantly practised on the training field.

If a team does not practice scoring, they will be poor at scoring. Could anyone imagine a basketball team winning the NBA Championships without scoring practice every day and even twice a day? Scoring is the most basic skill in most sports and how many practice this simple skill?

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